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Siemens Wind Power: Wind Markets in Asia


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February 06, 2017

Business Opportunities in Wind Energy in Asia


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January 27, 2017

Renewable Energy Project Quiz

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January 06, 2017

3 Things Successful Renewable Energy Investors Do Differently


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December 16, 2016

Onshore Wind WACC in EU

In 2014 the CEO of Green Dealflow, Kenn Righolt, participated in the survey about onshore wind WACC in EU. Now the survey is done again - but this time...

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October 06, 2016

How Using Green Dealflow Can Increase the Price of Your Project

Your Previous Buyer Is Not Necessarily the Right Buyer for Your New Project

Many sellers of renewable energy projects have access to one or more buyers...

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February 04, 2016

Financial Investor: Is Your Strategy Clear?

Posted by Kenn Righolt | 2 Comments

Portfolio Risk Diversification with Renewable Energy Investments

In the past couple of years, many new investors have entered the market for...

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January 10, 2016

Matching a Renewable Energy Project with the Ideal Investor

Posted by Kenn Righolt | 1 Comment

The Importance of Knowing Investor Profiles as a Project Seller

At first glance, many investors may seem to have near identical investor profiles....

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January 02, 2016

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